Bold-move, set up in 2009, is a business registered both in UK and in India. Our company aims to provide reliable, efficient and stress-free service to our clients in the field of admissions, for students moving to seek a better academic life in India and abroad. With an affiliation with more than 300 Universities worldwide, we are successfully positioned to get students admissions in various Universities and Colleges globally. Our valuable and experienced staff members, with a wealth of knowledge, international exposure and cross-cultural understanding, have studied abroad themselves and are therefore able to empathise with students’ needs and constraints. They are well equipped to support and guide students through the best suited options and solutions, in terms of choice of destination for study, step by step consultation, and support to overcome challenges arising at any stage of the admissions process.


We hope to form strong and lasting bonds with communities of international students, locally and around the world, and hope to open the doors of international education to students with the highest calibre and academic excellence.



Our goal is to develop a service that significantly improves the academic life of students. All students, regardless of their level of education, have a definitive educational goal. Many of them do not know the right approach to follow in order to achieve this goal. We, as a company, make it easier for students to understand how to approach educational institutions around the world, in order for them to better them self academically. As most of our education counsellors have studied abroad themselves, we are adept at understanding students’ needs and constraints. Being just one call away, our goal is to provide an admission assistance service for students globally. We look for opportunities to meet the students’ expectations and we are focused on serving our customers in the best way possible.


Our vision is to make the highest quality of global education accessible to aspiring students. We support students in working towards achieving their academic potential by opening for them a world of academic possibilities. We have a clear vision to establish deep and lasting relationships with education providers across the globe and hope to assist students in attaining their academic goals. We are dedicated to ensure the well being of students and educational providers, by opening the doors of the top Universities to students and bringing to Universities students of the highest calibre.