In helping PhD research scholars, we guarantee a global PhD admissions service. We assist deserving student, with decent academic results or relevant work experience, in working towards acquiring a scholarship in their chosen field of research. A student stands a good chance for a PhD offer/admission depending on their scores at the M.A. level and their success with publishing a research paper that allows them to meet the entry requirements for the PhD. We will make all the necessary efforts to procure a possible scholarship for the student, even though we do not guarantee that. We provide academic support with writing research proposals and help in establishing a contact with University Supervisors. We assist students in exploring the possibilities of funding that are available for a particular research area and eventually acquiring an offer for a PhD in a University.


We ensure that we do everything possible to apply with as many Universities as possible specifically with the Universities that offer a funding and a scholarship for the particular field of research that the student is interested in. However, it is to be noted that scholarships and funding are only available to students with a first division in their Masters Degree and who have published a research paper.


The following are some important aspects that ensure that the PhD offer/admission process is completed successfully:


  1. Choice of a research topic: A research topic, or a title for the research, is to be finalised, as the first step. Once the research topic is decided on, the student has to prepare a research proposal, which is the starting point for any PhD admission. Students can choose to write the proposal on their own, or Bold-move can guide them with that, with charging a small fee for the service rendered to the students. On completion of the proposal, it will be sent out to at least five to seven Universities that have a PhD supervisor available, to guide the student in that particular field of research. We support students with implementing any feedback that that they receive on their proposal from the concerned University Supervisors, and we ensure that the final proposal is of a quality acceptable for the PhD offer. The proposal therefore remains to be the starting point of the PhD application process

  2. Scholarships: Once we have completed the proposal we will make a concerted effort to explore the possibilities of University Scholarship or funding available to students for that particular research area. The idea is to initially explore the funding options that are available for students and, if the students are eligible, help them procure a seat in the University offering the scholarship.

  1. Filing the application: As a next step, we send students the list of documents which they need to put together to file a PhD application. We guide students right from filling in the application form to submitting the application form and the proposal, along with all the communication the student would have had with the supervisor, to the particular University.

  2. Interview: Finally, once we have established a contact with the University and the concerned supervisor in the research department, we will move to seek a decision from the University on whether they are happy for the student to gain an admission for PhD with them. At this stage the University may want to conduct a Skype or telephonic interview with the student. We will guide the student with their preparation for the interview. 


The aspects mentioned above will conclude the decision of pursuing a PhD abroad right to receiving an offer letter from the concerned University applied to.


Although having mentioned the above aspects, the student needs to bear in mind that the PhD application process is not a straightforward process; it is demanding and requires a decent bit of effort from the student.